The growth pyramid

By using the Growth Pyramid, we make sure we focus on driving revenue for your business, but we also think about tomorrow by allocating 20% of your budget on Test and Learn and another 20% on new channels

1. Always On (AO)

Budget: 60%
Strategy:  Optimise Best Practice execution across key channels to drive sales





Apply learnings to test

If successful move to AO

If successful move to AO

2.Test & Learn (T&L)

Budget: 20%
Strategy:  Data driven sprint tests based hypothesis to gather learnings

3. New Channels/ Markets (NU)

Budget: 20%
Strategy: Expand into new channels, markets and projects

Each client is different

While the budget distribution over the course of a year will be 60/20/20, it will look different on a month-to-month basis and to each client, as we balance testing with your peak sales period

Screenshot 2022-05-11 at 15.47.10.png
Strategy exemple

1. Always On (Key channels)

  • Google Ads - Conversion driver, focused on products, themes and competitors 

  • Social Ads - Builds brand affinity, awareness and storytelling  

2. Test & Learn

  • Method - Tests formulated based on data backed hypotheses e.g. Audience, propositions

  • Sprints - Test are run until significant results are found

  • Learn & optimise - Move successful tests to Always On

3. New Markets/ Projects/ Channels

  • Test - Unsaturated and high affinity channels e.g. TikTok, Pinterest

  • Expand - Best practices to key markets